Englische Version der Webseite jetzt online

ADEM lanciert englische Version des "Portail de l'emploi"

Angesichts der internationalen Ausrichtung des luxemburgischen Arbeitsmarkts, der sich durch einen hohen Anteil an ausländischen und mehrsprachigen Mitarbeitern auszeichnet, hat die Arbeitsagentur ADEM heute die englische Version ihrer Internetseite Portail de l’emploi (www.adem.lu) lanciert, die ebenfalls auf Französisch und Deutsch abrufbar ist.

This Internet; portal addresses jobseekers, employers and young people seeking career guidance. It offers comprehensive information and practical tips on finding a job, hiring employees, choosing a professional career or applying for financial support and employment measures.

“With the English version of the Portail de l’emploi we focus on the specific information needs of our customers and explain, in an understandable manner, the administrative procedures which may seem quite complex for foreign citizens," explains ADEM’s director Isabelle Schlesser.

“Jobseekers and employers can also address their enquiries to ADEM’s Contact Center in English”, adds Isabelle Schlesser. In fact, ADEM’s Contact Center provides information by phone (+247-88 888) and by Email (info@adem.etat.lu) in the three official languages, Luxembourgish, French and German, as well as in English.

The Portail de l’emploi also gives access to ADEM’s JobBoard. The JobBoard is an online tool available for all jobseekers registered with ADEM and all Luxembourg employers. On the one hand, it lists all job vacancies declared to ADEM and thus allows jobseekers to search for suitable jobs and express their interest. On the other hand, employers who are looking for new staff can consult the profiles of all jobseekers registered with ADEM and contact suitable candidates directly. More than 22,000 candidate profiles and 4,600 job offers are currently published on ADEM’s JobBoard.
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