ADEM facilitates the registration of jobseekers

nouvelle_inscription-hdpiIn order to simplify the registration of jobseekers, the Employment Agency (ADEM) is modernising its procedures.

From 9 January 2019, people wishing to register as jobseekers and thus benefit from ADEM's services no longer have to physically visit one of the 7 regional agencies. All they have to do now is call the ADEM Contact Center or fill in an online form to request a registration appointment. Candidates will be informed by e-mail or letter where and when the registration appointment will take place and what documents they need to bring along.

Setting up appointments to finalise registration not only avoids candidates having to wait their turns in the agencies, but also ensures that counsellors have enough time to devote to new jobseekers. "This is particularly important to us," explains Isabelle Schlesser, Director of ADEM, "because the better ADEM is informed of the qualifications, professional experiences and job aspirations of the jobseekers, the more it will be able to target its guidance and services in their favour".

If you want to register as a jobseeker, contact ADEM's Contact Center from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm at 247-88888. You can also request an appointment by completing the online form, available on the ADEM website (

  • Updated 09-01-2019