7 March 2019

Jobday for the new Cloche d’Or shopping centre

jobday clochedorokEURES Luxembourg and ADEM, with the support of the public employment services of the Greater Region  - Pôle Emploi (FR), FOREM (BE) and the Arbeitsagentur (DE) - are organising a „Jobday” for the Cloche d'Or shopping centre, which will be opened shortly , The "Jobday" will take place on March 7, 2019 from 9h00 am to 16h00 at the Parc Hôtel Alvisse (120, route d'Echternach, L-1453 à Luxembourg).

During the “Jobday” jobseekers and employers have the opportunity to meet and to  to get to know each other personally. For this “Jobday”, especially (qualified) sales consultants as well as cashiers,  rack responsibles as well as restaurant staff are searched. More than 500 vacant positions are waiting to be filled. The morning of the “Jobday” is reserved for jobseekers registered with the ADEM.

Are you looking for an attractive workplace in one of these areas? Sign up for the Jobday (from 13h00). Maybe you will meet your future

  • Updated 07-03-2019