Other measures

  • Special measures (mesures spéciales - MS): these measures are aimed at non-compensated job seekers who are not compensated and do include all union and communal initiatives (Forum pour l'Emploi, Pro-Actif, and other non-profit organisations). They enable strengthening the professional and personal capacities of the participants in a wide range of activities while allowing them to get closer to the labor market. Their aim is to help jobseekers to integrate or reintegrate into working life.
  • Vocational integration activities (Activités d'insertion professionnelle - AIP) : This measure consists of temporarily assigning jobseekers to collective work or internships. The National Service of Social Action (Service National d'Action Sociale - SNAS) organizes this measure.
  • The Voluntary Service is organized by the National Youth Service (Service national de la Jeunesse) and allows young people under thirty years old to put themselves into in a concrete project of general interest. It is an opportunity for learning and guidance through practical experience as a full-time commitment during a fixed period of time.
  • Updated 14-03-2018