Chiffres-clés - June 2018

Number of jobseekers decreases by 4,2 %

14.482 resident jobseekers who are available for the Luxembourg labour market were registered with ADEM on 30 June2018. Compared to June 2017, this is a decrease of 638 persons or 4.2%. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate calculated by the STATEC is 5.5 %.

The decrease of unemployment is particularly beneficial to jobseekers under 30 years of age (-9.4 %) and low-skilled jobseekers (- 5.4 %). The number of long-term unemployed jobseekers decreased by 4.4 % and the number of jobseekers with disabilities decreased by 2.2%.. However, the number of jobseekers holding a higher education diploma did not change compared to June 2017.

On 30 June 2018, 5.050 people took part in employment measures. Compare to June 2017, this number decreased by 378 persons or 7.0 %.

During the month of June 2018, 3.594 vacant positions have been declared to ADEM by Luxembourg employers; 711 vacant positions more than in June 2017 which represents an increase of 24.7%.

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