Chiffres-clés - May 2018

Number of jobseekers decreases by 3.8 % within one year

14.808 resident jobseekers who are available for the Luxembourg labour market were registered with ADEM on 31 May 2018. Within one year, this is a decrease of 580 persons or 3.8%. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 5.6 %.

The decrease of unemployment is particularly beneficial to jobseekers under 30 years of age (-7.7 %) and low-skilled jobseekers (- 5.2 %). The number of long-term unemployed jobseekers decreased by 4.4 %. However, the number of jobseekers holding a higher education diploma increased by 59 persons or 2.1 %.

On 31. May 2018, 5.119 people took part in employment measures. Within one year, this number decreased by 219 persons or 5.4 %.

Nevertheless, two measures are evolving in the opposite direction: the number of beneficiaries of professionalisation internship (bénéficiaires du stage de professionnalisation) increased by 53 people and the number of persons in apprenticeship for adults (apprentissage pour adultes) increased by 38 over one year.

During May 2018, Luxembourg employers declared 3.799 job vacancies to ADEM, 219 (+ 6.2 %) more than in May 2017.

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