Number of jobseekers increases by 8,9 % within one year

Chiffres-clés - December 2019

As of 31 December, 16,532 resident jobseekers were registered with ADEM. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 1,346 people, or 8.9%. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate determined by STATEC was 5.4% in December 2019, which corresponds to the unemploymrent rate of November 2019.

The sharp increase in the number of jobseekers is explained by a backlash which comes after the exceptional decrease observed at the end of 2018. As indicated at the time, this decrease was due to the new registration procedure for jobseekers. This caused delays in the statistical recording of the new jobseekers’ registrations.

As of 31 December 2019, the number of jobseekers registered with ADEM who are not resident in Luxembourg was 2,382. This is a decrease of 9.6% compared to December 2018.

On 31 December 2019, the number of participants in a labour market measure was 4,083. This is 48 people, or 1.2%, more than in the previous year.

In December 2019, 2,252 residents registered with ADEM as a jobseeker. This is a decrease of 3.1% compared to the same month of the previous year. In addition, 332 new jobseekers’ registrations were made by non-residents, a decrease of 18.8% compared to December 2018.

In December 2019, employers declared a total of 2,348 job vacancies to ADEM; 116 jobs, or 4.7% less than in December 2018.

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