Open call for Members or Partners of the EURES Network

Organisations legally based in Luxembourg can now apply to become Member or Partner of the EURES Network. Deadline: 15 April 2020.

EURES, the European Employment Services Network, was established by the European Commission to facilitate the free movement of workers within the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. The purpose of EURES is to provide information, advice and recruitment/placement (job-matching) services for the benefit of jobseekers, workers and employers who are looking for new opportunities beyond the national border.

To become a EURES Member an organisation must provide all of the following three services:

  • Contribute to the pool of job vacancies by transmitting job offers to the EURES portal
  • Contribute to the pool of job applications and CVs by transmitting data to the EURES portal
  • Provide support services directly to jobseekers and employers (e.g. information, guidance, post-recruitment support).

A EURES Partner must provide at least one of the three services mentioned above and justify that it cannot deliver all the services which have to offered by a Member e.g. because of its size, limited resources or the character of the other services it normally provides.

Interested in becoming EURES Member or Partner? Click here for further information and to access the application documents.

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