Belgian and French cross-border workers: submission of certificates of incapacity for work

Because of the reduced activity of the postal services, insured persons in France and Belgium have the possibility of exceptionally submitting their certificate of incapacity for work by email to:

It is reminded that the conditions of acceptance of the certificate are the following:

  • it must indicate the national identification number;
  • the certificate must be established by a physician and must state:
    • the surname and first name of the physician;
    • the date of establishment of the certificate;
    • the start date of the incapacity for work;
    • the end date of the incapacity for work;
    • the diagnosis.

The certificate must be scanned. A photograph of the certificate is not accepted.

Certificates sent by email do not need to be submitted by post.

If the certificate is drafted in a language other than French, English or German, a translation by a sworn translator will be required.

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