COVID-19: Information and recommendations for employees and employers

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Application of the short-time working scheme due to the coronavirus: specific form available 
Companies whose business activities suffer from the consequences of the coronavirus can, under certain conditions, apply for short-time work in order to avoid dismissals of employees. Short-time work compensation can be paid to employees who

  • do not have an incapacity of work certificate; 
  • cannot work any longer in full time or cannot stay employed any more, because
    • your suppliers cannot supply the raw materials that your company needs for production due to the coronavirus; or
    • in the event of a sharp drop of customer demands due to the coronavirus; or
    • if your company can no longer continue its normal economic activities or if one or more departments are completly at stillstand due to staff absence caused by external decisions related to the corronavirus. 

In the case of approval of your application, the Employment Fund may cover 80 % of the normal salaries (capped at 250 % of the social minimum wage for unskilled workers) for a maximum of 1,022 work hours per salaried worker.

In order to apply for the short-time working scheme in the event of force majeure related to the coronavirus, the Ministry of Economy has made available a specific form.

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