ADEM offers its services also by phone and e-mail.

To reduce the risk of infection with the coronavirus COVID-19, ADEM continues to offer certain services by telephone or e-mail.

In urgent cases, a personal appointment can be made upon prior arrangement by e-mail ( or phone:

  • Luxembourg-ville : 247 75001
  • Esch/Belval : 247 75004
  • Diekirch : 247 75006
  • Differdange : 247 75010
  • Dudelange : 247 75011
  • Wasserbillig : 247 75012
  • Wiltz : 247 75008
  • Hamm (Service employeurs et Service des salariés handicapés et en reclassement professionnel) : 247 75003
  • ADEM-Orientation professionnelle- Place de l'étoile : 247-85480
  • ADEM-Orientation professionnelle- Esch : 247-75411
  • ADEM-Orientation professionnelle- Diekirch : 247-65430

Currently, the monthly meetings with the ADEM counsellor do not take place.
This has no effect on the payment of unemployment benefits and other financial aid.

Luxembourg residents who want to register with ADEM are kindly requested to fill in the online form available on the ADEM website ( On the basis of the data entered, the ADEM checks whether the person is entitled to unemployment benefit. If this is the case, ADEM contacts the persons by telephone in order to prepare the application for unemployment benefit.

Persons who have newly registered with the ADEM will be contacted by an ADEM adviser by telephone to complete the job-seeker registration.

Jobseekers who are already registered with the ADEM and who have been assigned a personal adviser will not be contacted for the time being. If necessary, they can contact their adviser by telephone or e-mail.

Persons not residing in Luxembourg should contact ADEM by phone at: +352 247 88888


From 3 June 2020, the intermediate follow-up of jobseekers will gradually be resumed. Jobseekers will receive, by post or e-mail, a formal invitation for a telephone interview. They must be ready to answer the telephone call during the time mentioned in the invitation.

To apply for other financial aid,  please use the application forms on ADEM's website.

If you need special certificates or have further questions, please contact the ADEM Contact Center:

  • 247 88888 (jobseekers)
  • 247 88000 (employer)
  • or by e-mail

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