The number of jobseekers continues to decline

The number of resident jobseekers registered with ADEM stood at 17,875 as of September 30, 2020. Compared to August 2020, this represents a decrease of 650 people (-3.5%) and compared to April 2020 a decrease of 2,378 people (-11.7%). On the other hand, over one year, the number of jobseekers is still increasing (+ 21.7%). The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate calculated by STATEC stands at 6.3%, compared to 7.0% in April 2020.

In September 2020, 2,995 residents registered with ADEM, a drop of 117 people or 3.8% compared to September 2019. The increase in unemployment, observed over one year, is mainly due to a drop in exits to employment rather than an increase in registrations. Indeed, in the course of the last five months, registrations of resident jobseekers fell by 12% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The number of resident jobseekers receiving full unemployment benefit increased by  2,197 or 29.8% compared to last year, but remains below the 10,000-person mark.

The number of beneficiaries of an employment measure stands at 3,953, and is below the level observed in September 2019 (-211 people or -5.1%).

During the month of September 2020, employers declared 3,170 vacant positions to ADEM, which corresponds to a decrease of 7.0% compared to September 2019. As of September 30, 2020, ADEM identified 6,852 vacant positions i.e. 583 less than on September 30, 2019.

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