ADEM to remain open to the public. Services offered by telephone

In view of the current situation and in order to reduce the risks of contamination by the Covid-19 Coronavirus, the ADEM agencies will remain open but will operate in an adapted manner in reduced service between 28 December 2020 and 10 January 2021.

Appointments for registration, follow-up, advice and applications for financial assistance, including unemployment benefits, will no longer be made by physical appointment but will be provided by telephone. Medical appointments will continue to be made in person with the ADEM doctors in Hamm.

People who already have an appointment with ADEM (with the exception of medical appointments, which will be made in person) do not have to go to their counsellor, but will be called by the counsellor at the time fixed for the appointment.

Application forms for financial aids are available on

For urgent matters, each ADEM agency will ensure a physical permanence and provide all necessary information during normal opening hours.

Information sessions and recruitment workshops scheduled between 28 December 2020 and 10 January 2021 will be organised in a digital format. Participants will be contacted by ADEM.

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