Consult ADEM's information terminals

All job offers declared to ADEM by Luxembourg employers are also published (anonymously) on ADEM's information terminals. These terminals can be consulted in all agencies. Our advice is to consult these terminals on a regular basis.

  • Discover your future job among the job offers proposed by ADEM.
  • Find employment opportunities you may not yet have thought of.
  • Broaden the range of your job search and increase your chances of quickly finding a new job.

All job offers are published anonymously. However, each offer can be identified by a unique number. Present this number (or a print out of the job offer) to your ADEM counsellor who will check whether the job description is in line with your profile. If this is the case, your ADEM counsellor will provide you with the contact details of the employer and you can send your application immeadiately.

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