Services offered by ADEM

In the context of the Future Skills Initiative, ADEM supports the anticipation and development of future skills, with the aim of employment preservation.

National and sector-level studies

ADEM conducts and contributes to national studies on the evolution of the labor market, of declared vacancies and occupations facing shortage. Key data on the evolution of job offers can be found here. In a next step, sector-level studies with a more precise analysis and foresight of the evolution of occupations, activities and skills within the sectors are planned. These studies will enable skills strategies and initiatives based on concrete anticipations and provide practical and actionable information to individuals, employers and professional and sector associations. The studies will be based on actual data from the Luxembourg market, recognized methodologies from international thought leadership and innovative analytical tools.

Strategic workforce and competency planning

ADEM raises awareness at companies and their employees, as well as in the wider society, on the impact of important trends (technological, demographic and other) on occupations and skills, and the importance of a proactive, strategic approach to workforce planning. In many cases, viable trajectories for internal job transitions can be found and employment can be maintained. In this context, ADEM advisors can share good practices, refer to tools and guide companies regarding anticipation and development of future skills.


Any analysis of future skills has only limited value if it is not followed by actual training and qualification actions. ADEM offers and supports training for job seekers and for companies that are actively recruiting job seekers. These trainings respond to current market needs and aim to develop transversal (soft), vertical (job-specific) and digital skills, based on individual upskilling and reskilling needs.



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