Who can help me define my professional career?

ADEM’s vocational guidance service (ADEM-OP)

ADEM’s vocational guidance service offers individual guidance and group information sessions for young people and adults in order to help them choose a suitable job. It also manages the House of Orientation / BiZ - Beruffsinformatiouns-Zentrum, which provides a wide range of media on different professions. ADEM-OP is also responsible for the placements within the initial apprenticeship and the apprenticeship for adults

House of Orientation 

What is the House of Orientation (Maison de l’Orientation)?

The House of Orientation (Maison de l’Orientation) brings together, in one single place, most of the national services in charge of career guidance, thus facilitating access to information and individualized support.

  • ADEM’s vocational guidance service (ADEM-OP) provides information on professions, career paths, and apprenticeship placement.
  • Antenne locale pour jeunes (ALJ) offers individual support to young people helping them to carry out their school or professional projects.

What are the missions?

With its various actors, Maison de l'Orientation is able to help you during all the stages of your orientation: identification of your interests, capacities and competences, information on training and career opportunities, support in the application for a training, an apprenticeship, or a job.

How can I benefit from the support offered by the House of Orientation?

Present yourself at the central information desk of the House of Orientation.

A reception officer will inform you and guide you according to your request, towards the appropriate service.

Various suppporting documents can then be requested.

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