Reactivate your career

Reactivate is a job mobility initiative of the European Union to help people aged at least 35 to find a job, an internship or an apprenticeship in another EU country and to help employers find skilled labour. Its aim is to enable job seekers, and in particular the unemployed, to apply for paid employment throughout Europe. These jobs and apprenticeships must last for at least six months (for internships, the duration may be shorter).

Financial assistance is granted to job seekers who have found a job for at least 6 months in an EU country. The amount of aid varies according to the country of destination.

The aid concerns costs related to:

  • a job interview,
  • a move,
  • language courses or recognition of qualifications.

Aid may be paid only if the applicant does not receive any other funding.

For employers of SMEs in EU countries who want to recruit candidates, the Reactivate programme offers:

  • services to facilitate their recruitment: assistance with the publication of vacancies, advice on recruiting an employee from another EU country, pre-selection of candidates, advice on the design of an integration programme, etc.
  • financial support to help them implement an integration program for newly recruited candidates over the age of 35.


ADEM is a partner of the Swedish project "Reactivate your career". Visit their website.

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