Your First EURES Job – A tool for mobility

Intended to promote the mobility of young people in Europe,"Your first EURES job - A tool for mobility" is aimed at young Europeans (EU, Iceland, Norway) between the ages of 18 and 35 and at SMEs that recruit them.

Are you looking for a job, a long-term internship or an apprenticeship in the European Union, Iceland or Norway?

  • Visit the EURES web portal to find job vacancies available in Europe.
  • If your application is accepted by a company, you can receive financial support for:
    • Travel costs related to a job interview
    • Settling in your new country of residence
    • Take language courses related to the mobility project
    • Validation of qualifications and recognition of diplomas

You are a European SME (EU, Iceland, Norway) and you offer an employment contract, an apprenticeship or a paid internship of at least 6 months to a young European between 18 and 35 years of age:

  • You can place your vacancies on the EURES portal or on the website of your country's employment service to find European candidates.
  • If you decide to recruit one or more candidates, you can benefit from the help of "Your first EURES Job - a tool for mobility" to facilitate the integration in your company, for example:
    • Language and/or technical training
    • Tutoring
    • Installation assistance???

ADEM is a partner of the Swedish project "Your first EURES Job". Visit their website.

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