Young people

Why participate?

Are you looking for a different kind of work experience? Do you want to discover a new work environment? Do you dream of new horizons and want to make new acquaintances?

The Jobs4Solidarity program is for you!

Jobs4Solidarity offers you

  • A legal employment contract in a Member State of the European Union
  • A 3 to 12-month solidarity commitment supervised by ADEM and the European Commission
  • Full-time employment, paid by the employer according to the labour law in force in the host country.

Working in the framework of Jobs4Solidarity gives you the opportunity to gain work experience abroad, to improve your personal abilities and intercultural skills as well as your technical and language skills. European mobility in a professional environment is a real opportunity to increase one's chances of success and facilitates employability and the transition to the labour market.

Disadvantaged young jobseekers have the opportunity to integrate solidarity activities that offer not only alternative employment opportunities but also paid employment contracts.

Participation in the project will be an asset in the CV of each young person, it underlines their motivation to commit to solidarity and their commitment to serve others.

Employment is regulated by a contract, subject to the labour law of the host country.

The duration of the contract can be between 3 and 12 months, these are full-time positions paid by the employer. Participants learn and train on the job. Overall supervision is guaranteed by ADEM and the partners of the European Solidarity Corps.

In principle, the job is abroad in a Member State of the European Union, but may, under certain conditions, be in the participant's country of residence.

Jobs4Solidarity participants are provided with language support, training and online coaching. Travel costs, to and from the project site, are covered and a complementary moving allowance is granted to the young person, who also benefits from complementary insurance through the European Solidarity Corps.

Who can participate and how to get involved?

  • Aged between 18 and 30 years at the time of employment, enrolment in the program can be made from the age of 17 and the contract must be completed before the participant turns 31.
  • Be a citizen of the European Union
  • No specific qualification requirements
  • Adhering to the principles of the European Solidarity Corps
  • Wanting to live an unforgettable European solidarity experience

Embark on a new experience of solidarity commitment. Follow these 7 steps to achieve results that will mark your career and your experience:


Step 1: Contact ADEM in order to specify the framework of the project and your possible participation



19, Rue de Bitbourg
L-1229 Hamm

E-mail :

Tel.: (+352) 247-88888

Tel.: (+352) 247-88000


Step 2: Register on the European Solidarity Corps portal, inserting your full CV in the programme database and indicating your interests, experiences and skills.



How to find THE job?

Step 3: Search directly for interesting offers in the database identifying the need for young people in solidarity projects on the European Commission's website  and send your application.

You can also find interesting opportunities in the EURES network job offers in the "Social jobs" section .

Organisations looking for young people in solidarity jobs may also contact directly the young people registered in the database.

While waiting to find the job that corresponds to the expectations of the young jobseeker, various further training opportunities are offered online to registered candidates.

ADEM accompanies and assists the young jobseeker in his search through its various networks, set up specifically as part of the Jobs4Solidarity project to find a suitable cross-border or national solidarity job.      



Step 4: Sign an employment contract with the employer, according to the labour law in force in the host country.


ADEM will act as an intermediary between the young participant and the employer.

Step 5: Prepare for relocation and integration into a new environment for the beginning of the contract

The agency for the development of employment will organise a tailor-made pre-departure preparation, which will include in-depth practical and technical information on working conditions, relevant labour law, social security, health and other insurances and offer assistance during the entire Jobs4Solidarity employment period. If necessary, participants will receive support in organising their travel arrangements.


Enhance the value of your participation

Step 6: Gain maximum experience in carrying out the contract


Beyond professional experience, a job within the framework of Jobs4Solidarity allows the young person to develop complementary skills at a human and personal level that will be useful throughout life. It is by taking an interest in one's new environment and being curious, by moving forward with the mission received and by forging links with other people involved in the project, that one can familiarise oneself with a new culture, discover a new field, understand how another system works, etc.

Luxembourg participants, whether employed in cross-border or national solidarity jobs, will have a supervisor,  as well as a mentor in the recruitment organisation. In urgent cases, they can contact their personal ADEM adviser, if it is easier to discuss certain issues in their mother tongue.

For incoming participants, especially those with fewer opportunities, ADEM will act as an impartial mediato,r who will support and facilitate the installation in the country. Each incoming participant will be assigned a personal adviser from ADEM who will act as a contact person and with whom he/she will meet regularly to discuss concrete integration needs, personal well-being, well-being in the team, job satisfaction, learning outcomes, career paths, etc.

A training course on arrival and a mid-term evaluation session will be organised by the National Agency in charge of the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps.

Step 7: Enhance acquired skills through European systems for the recognition of competences


On the young person's return to his or her country of origin, the ADEM personal adviser will provide support for the recognition of individual learning outcomes, in particular through EU-level tools such as Youthpass and Europass .

A certificate from the European Solidarity Corps will also be issued.

After the end of the contract, young people often stay in contact in the European Solidarity Corps community, to exchange experiences and share stories with other young Europeans.


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