Recruiting apprentices

Apprenticeship placement is provided by ADEM's Vocational Guidance Service which will communicate your apprenticeship offer to a large number of registered apprenticeship applicants.

Procedures to follow in order to conclude an apprenticeship contract

  • The candidate selected by your company has to contact ADEM’s Vocational Guidance Service in order to obtain the necessary documents to conclude the apprenticeship contract.
  • The candidate receives a certificate attesting the enrollment in a technical secondary school for school-based training.
  • ADEM’s Vocational Guidance Service sends a certificate to the professional chamber which then prepares the apprenticeship contract in five copies.
  • This contract must be signed by both parties, the employer and the apprentice (or his legal representative, if minor), no later than the first day of work. A  copy will be given to each party, the Chamber of Employees, the competent employers' chamber (or, failing that, to the Ministry of Education, Children, and Youth) and ADEM’s Vocational Guidance Service.

The employer has to make sure that the apprentice is affiliated with the Joint Social Security Centre (Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale -CCSS) as an apprentice.

Apprenticeship allowance

The minimum monthly apprenticeship allowance is fixed by Grand-ducal regulation and depends on the trade or profession chosen, the apprenticeship year or the successful integrated project, as well as on the changes in the cost of living index.


Apprenticeship calendar

  • Declare your apprenticeship positions from March onwards to ADEM's Vocational Guidance Service. Even if the company has already found an apprentice without ADEM's help, it must still make a declaration of available apprenticeship position to ADEM.
  • Apprenticeship contracts may be concluded from 16th July to 31st October.
  • Persons wishing to start an adult apprenticeship must submit their application between 2nd May and 15th September to ADEM’s Professional Guidance Services.
  • Employers must submit their application for financial aid to promote apprenticeship

    for the school year in progress before 1 July of the following year, together with the copies of the apprentice's salary slips to ADEM's Vocational Guidance Department. After this deadline, the host company loses the benefit of this financial aid.

    Example: for the apprenticeship year 2017-2018, applications must be sent before 1 July 2019.

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