Inclusion assistance - an initiative to facilitate job retention

You are holding the disabled employee status and/or you are in an external redeployment and working in the private sector?

Are you experiencing difficulties at work due to your disability or illness?

If so, and your boss is willing to support you in this process, the Inclusion Assistance could be an excellent solution for you.

What is an inclusion assistant?

Inclusion assistance is a measure introduced to facilitate the permanent occupational integration and, above all, the continued employment of workers with disability status or workers who are redeployed externally into the ordinary labour market.

The inclusion assistant is a specialist recognised by the Ministry of Family Affairs who supports you in your professional integration at the workplace. Emphasis is placed on individual support that is oriented towards your needs and those of your employer.

Together with you and your employer, the inclusion assistant will assess the work situation and analyse the difficulties and special needs at your workplace. The inclusion assistant will then draw up an individual inclusion project with a detailed action plan to be implemented within a certain period of time depending on the duration of your work contract.


12-18 months

Max. 150 hours

18-24 months

Max. 225 hours

>24 months

Max. 300 hours


How can I benefit from an inclusion assistant?

If you and your employer agree and want to benefit from inclusion assistance you must jointly choose an approved assistant (see list) and hand in an application for assistance to ADEM by e-mail to

If ADEM agrees, the costs for inclusion assistance are fully covered by the Employment Fund.

For more information, please contact us per email:

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