Training apprentices

Today, more and more companies in lack of qualified staff discover the benefits of apprenticeships. This can be either by employing an apprentice or by encouraging employees to upskill their career by starting an apprenticeship.

Here are some benefits of apprenticehips:

  • Apprenticeships foster the level of qualification
    During an apprenticeship, the apprentice receives indepth theoretical and practical training allowing them to improve their skills for the benefit of the company.
  • Apprenticeships help to support the company's future development
    An apprenticeship will ensure that the skills developed are in line with the company's future needs. This will help to fill skill gaps and allow to train future company manager.
  • Apprenticeships increase staff loyalty and retention
    Employees who have integrated the company as an apprentice are more committed to the company and tend to stay for longer. This reduces recruitment costs and contributes to a motivated work environment.

In order to promote apprenticeships, the Luxembourg Employment Fund offers a number of financial support measures and subsidies.


Companies’ request for a greater number of highly qualified employees is one element that reveals the importance of apprenticeship. Indeed, an apprenticeship aims to reconcile school-based training generally obtained from a technical school and training in a professional environment with a training company having the right to train apprentices.

Enjoy the many benefits of apprenticeship:

  • train your future employees as closely as possible in line with your company's requirements;
  • participate in the professional integration of young people;
  • benefit from the financial aids provided for training companies.

Training can only be related to a profession requiring apprenticeship. The normal duration of training is fixed at 3 years. This may be extended under certain conditions.

The training company who hires an apprentice may, on the basis of an apprenticeship contract, benefit from an aid and get a partial reimbursement of the apprenticeship allowance and social charges.

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