Benefit from ADEM's services

Among the priorities of ADEM, the Employer service is conceived around the real needs of companies and oriented towards the placement of jobseekers.

ADEM's Employer service listens to employers' needs and offers a free service tailored to the recruitment needs of each company.

• JobBoard : ADEM's JobBoard allows direct search among the profiles of all jobseekers registered with ADEM.

 Recruitment workshops: ADEM organises sectorial and regional recruitment workshops where employers can meet candidates who have been pre-selected by ADEM.

 Training: On the request of a specific sector or company, ADEM can organise tailor-made training courses in order to prepare pre-selected jobseekers for their new job.

• Pre-selection of candidates: When an employer declares a job vacancy, it is immediately stored in ADEM’s internal job database. ADEM's placement counsellors, knowing the individual jobseekers, will submit propositions to ADEM's employer services who decides whether or not to assign a pre-selected candidate to an employer. Of course, employer counsellors  can also use their own matching tools and text search among all CVs of jobseekers and propose selected candidates to employers.

 Bilateral cooperation agreements: A company that has signed a cooperation agreement with ADEM receives the label ‘Entreprise, partenaire pour l'emploi’, a token of its social responsibility on the job market. The partnership agreement defines the commitments by both the employer and ADEM in order to facilitate the recruitment of registered jobseekers.

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