Benefit from ADEM's services

It is not always easy to find the right person in a recruitment process.

The assistance provided by the Employer Service is one of ADEM's priorities. It is designed to meet the real needs of businesses and geared to find the right candidates. Thanks to the expertise of the Employer Service, and its ability to listen, ADEM is able to offer a free service, tailored to the circumstances of each recruitment.

ADEM's Employer Service is staffed by experienced counsellors who have the right tools and resources to help business in their recruitment process.

• The JobBoard - a recruitment tool: This interactive platform is designed to increase the chances of employers and jobseekers getting together. The JobBoard enables employers to seek out themselves their preferred candidate(s) from amongst those registered with ADEM and to consult the CVs lodged there. 

 Recruitment workshops: ADEM organises sectorial and regional recruitment workshops in the course of which businesses can meet candidates pre-selected by ADEM.

 Training: On the request of a specific sector or company, ADEM can organise tailor-made training courses in order to prepare pre-selected jobseekers for their new job.

• Pre-selection of candidates: When an employer declares a job vacancy, it is immediately stored in ADEM’s internal job database. ADEM's placement counsellors, knowing the individual jobseekers, will submit propositions to ADEM's Employer services who decides whether or not to assign a pre-selected candidate to an employer. Of course, employer counsellors  can also use their own matching tools and text search among all CVs of jobseekers and propose selected candidates to employers.

 Bilateral cooperation agreements: Businesses which regularly recruit staff can sign a partnership ageement entitling them to bear the label "Entreprise, parteneraire pour l'emploi". By so doing, they signal their commitment to social responsability in the labour market. ADEM undertakes, amongst other things, to carry out pre-selection of candidates and/or to proactively send the profiles of jobseekers potentially meeting the business's staffing needs.

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