Inclusion assistance - an initiative to facilitate job retention

You are an employer in the private sector and employ an employee with disability status or in external reintegration? Your employee has problems at work due to his disability or illness? You want to do everything possible to keep the employee in your company?

If your employee agrees, inclusion assistance for labour market integration and job retention could be an excellent solution for you.

What is an inclusion assistant?

Inclusion assistance is a measure set up to facilitate the sustainable professional inclusion and, above all, the maintenance of employment of people with the status of disabled employee and employees undergoing external redeployment on the ordinary market

The inclusion assistant is a specialist recognised by the Ministry of Family Affairs whose objective is to support employees with the status of disabled worker and/or in professional redeployment by means of guidance adapted to your needs and those of your employee.

Together with you and your employee, the assistant will assess the work situation and analyse the specific difficulties and needs at the workplace with a view to the sustainable inclusion of the employee concerned. The assistant will then draw up an individualised inclusion project containing a detailed programme to be carried out over a defined period of time according to the duration of your employee's contract.


12-18 months

Max. 150 hours

18-24 months

Max. 225 hours

>24 months

Max. 300 hours


How can I apply for an inclusion assistant and what are the conditions?

If you and the employee concerned are in agreement and you want to benefit from assistance, you must jointly choose an approved assistant (see list)  and submit an application for assistance to ADEM. The demand can be submitted by e-mail to:

If ADEM agrees, the costs for the inclusion assistance is fully covered by the Employment Fund.

For more information, please contact us per e-mail:

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