Language test - by invitation only

Assessment of language skills for jobseekers registered with ADEM

To do the test, please enter the access code and click on CONFIRM. After completion of the test, the results are automatically transferred to ADEM.

Important Information

Please note the following information to ensure the smooth running of the language test.

  • Popup Blocker: Please disable any popup blocker enabled on your browser. A popup blocker may prevent access to the test.

  • Automatic Translator: Please disable any automatic translator (e.g., Google Translate) integrated into your browser. Automatic translators can make statements and responses inconsistent, hindering the ability to answer correctly.

  • Code Validity: Please note that the code provided by your advisor will be valid from the day after the delivery date. The code is valid until the included expiration date. After the expiration date, the code will no longer be usable.

Field marked with an asterick (*) is mandatory.

The code is invalid: Please check the test expiry date and the code format (example: 1234-5678-12345)

The code is mandatory. Please, fill in the code.

Personal data

For the purposes of the online language test, Altissia records your login details and the detailed results of the test on behalf of ADEM. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website.

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