Job vacancies declared to ADEM become accessible for all jobseekers

The current health crisis is having a significant impact on the labour market. Against this backdrop and in view of the large number of people looking for new professional opportunities, ADEM is expanding its digital services.

Thus, from 28 April 2021, ADEM's JobBoard (, previously reserved for jobseekers registered with ADEM, will be opened to all jobseekers. They will be able to consult, without any further formalities, the job offers that have been earmarked for public publication by Luxembourg companies. Jobseekers registered with the ADEM can consult all job offers on the JobBoard (public and anonymous) and have exclusive access rights for the first seven days after the activation of the public job display on the JobBoard. After the 7-day period, all job seekers can then view the public job offers. Only the applicant profiles of jobseekers registered with ADEM will continue to be published on the ADEM JobBoard and made available to companies.

From 28 April 2021, companies reporting a vacancy to ADEM will have the choice between a restricted (anonymous) publication (reserved for persons registered as jobseekers with ADEM and linked to an applicant pre-selection by ADEM) or a public publication of their job advertisement, which will allow wider visibility.

The aim of opening the ADEM JobBoard is twofold: On the one hand, all jobseekers and employers are given greater autonomy in their applications or recruitments. On the other hand, transparency in the labour market is improved by increasing the visibility of job vacancies and widening the pool of available applicants.

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