17,654 jobseekers and an unemployment rate of 5.6%

The number of available resident jobseekers registered with ADEM stood at 17,654 as of March 31, 2024, an increase of 2,322 people (or 15.1%) compared to March 2023.

The number of jobseekers has increased for all durations of unemployment. The most qualified jobseekers (higher education graduates) as well as those aged 45 and over experience the largest increases. Regarding professions, the most significant increases are seen in construction (ROME category F), industry (category H), financial and real estate sectors (category C), secretarial and assistance roles (category M16), accounting (M12), and information technology (M18).

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, calculated by STATEC, stands at 5.6%.

The number of new jobseeker registrations is on the rise. Indeed, 2,731 residents registered with ADEM in March 2024, an increase of 203 people or 8% compared to March 2023. It is noteworthy that this month's new registrations include 62 registrations from beneficiaries of temporary protection (refugees from Ukraine).

The number of resident jobseekers receiving unemployment benefits increased by 1,982 people or 24.5% over the year, reaching 10,073 as of March 31, 2024. The number of beneficiaries of employment support measures stands at 4,557, up by 6.8% compared to March 2023.

In March 2024, employers reported 3,133 vacant positions to ADEM, corresponding to a decrease of 20.4% compared to March 2023. The total number of available positions at the end of the month stood at 7,595 as of March 31, 2024. The year-over-year decline is 26.7%. This decrease mainly affects professions in accounting and management (ROME category M12), business consulting (category M14), secretarial and assistance roles (category M16), information technology (category M18), financial and real estate sectors (category C), construction (category F), and hospitality - catering, tourism, leisure, and entertainment (category G).

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