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August 2023


Number of jobseekers stable at 16,000 and an unemployment rate of 5.3%

As of August 31, 2023, there were 16,056 residents in Luxembourg registered as unemployed with ADEM. This corresponds to the number of jobseekers registered in the previous month. Compared to Augus 2022, this represents an increase of 1,903 individuals (13.4%).

The number of jobseekers has increased for all durations of registration, except for individuals who have been registered as jobseekers for more than 12 months. The most affected by this increase are highly qualified individuals (university graduates) and young people under 30 years of age. Regarding professions, the most significant increases are observed in the fields of secretarial and administrative roles, culinary production and restaurant services, accounting and administration, as well as in the construction sector.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, calculated by STATEC, stands at 5.3%.

The number of new registrations of jobseekers is on the rise. In August 2023, 2,509 resident individuals registered as jobseekers with ADEM, which represents an increase of 154 individuals or 6.5% compared to August 2022. It is worth noting that the new registrations for this month include 90 jobseeker registrations from individuals with temporary protection (refugees from Ukraine).

The number of residents who are eligible for unemployment benefits has increased by 1,717 individuals or 24.5% compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 8,722. The number of individuals participating in employment measures is 3,959, which is lower than the level observed in August 2022 (a decrease of 101 individuals or -2.5%).

In August 2023, employers reported 3,164 job vacancies to ADEM, which represents a decrease of 21.6% compared to August 2022. This decrease primarily affects the fields of information and communication technology, financial and insurance services, specialized scientific and technical activities, as well as administrative and support services. Temporary employment agencies are also included in this latter category.

The total number of available positions as of August 31, 2023, amounted to 9,088. This marks a decline of 32.5% compared to the previous year

How to use the interactive dashboard

1.     Jobseekers

Jobseekers registered with ADEM can be classified in different categories depending on whether they live in Luxembourg or not, whether they are immediately available for work or whether they are assigned to an employment measure.

Interactive dashboard on jobseekers  - in French  (desktop version)

The dashboards allow an interactive search and the combination of different indicators. For example, different characteristics such as age, gender, level of education, place of residence or duration of unemployment can be combined. 


2.    Recipients of unemployment benefits

Some of the jobseekers registered with ADEM receive unemployment benefits or a transitional occupational allowance.

Interactive dashboard on recipients of unemployment benefits – in French (desktop version)


3.    Job offers

According to article L. 622-4 of the Labour Code, employers in Luxembourg are obliged to declare every job vacancy to ADEM.

With the help of this interactive dashboard, you can follow the evolution of job notifications by economic sector (NACE code) and by occupation sought (ROME reference system).

Interactive dashboard on job vacancies  - in French (desktop version)


4.    Labour market indicators

STATEC calculates the unemployment rate, domestic employment and national employment in Luxembourg on a monthly basis.

Interactive dashboard on labour market indicators – in French (version desktop)

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