About the training

StartYourBusiness is a training programme for jobseekers who are registered with ADEM and plan to start their own business in the future. The training is provided jointly by ADEM, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts, the House of Training, Nyuko asbl and Touchpoints asbl with financial support from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy. The trainers and coaches are experts in the field of business creation. The administrative management of the training is carried out by the ADEM

Who is eligible for participation?

The StartYourBusiness training is exclusively aimed at people who are registered as jobseekers with the ADEM. Interested jobseekers can contact their counsellor at the ADEM. Your counsellor will then register you for an "information workshop on setting up a business".

How to proceed

Jobseekers who are interested in the "StartYourBusiness" programme must first attend the "Information workshop on setting up a business" (registration is done via your ADEM counseller) to receive general information on the requirements and administrative steps for setting up a business. After the workshop, the interested parties are asked to fill out a questionnaire and describe their motivation to participate in the training. Based on the questionnaire, the interested parties will be invited to an interview with an ADEM expert, who will decide whether they want to participate in the training.


The selected candidates will join the "StartYourBusiness" programme, which is made up of four components:

  • Option 1: Training and coaching
    • Developing your entrepreneurial profile and turning your business idea into reality
    • Structuring your business project
    • Launching and managing your business project
  • Option 2: Tailor-made training based on concrete entrepreneurial needs
  • Option 3: Training "Sleeves Up"
  • Option 4: Programme "touch BASE"

At the end of the programme, the candidates present their business project to ADEM experts. The granting or not of post-creation support is validated during this interview.


The levels of education and qualifications must correspond to the criteria required for access to the profession.

Training is held in English or French

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