Pool of assistants

Subject matter

The measure "pool of pedagogical assistants" is a measure of professional reinsertion. It involves instructing jobseekers to assist directors of post-primary education institutions in supervision and in the extra-curricular and administrative areas.


The beneficiaries of this measure must be registered as jobseekers with ADEM.

Terms & Conditions

  • Be holder of either a Luxembourgish diploma of final secondary education or a Luxembourgish diploma of final technical secondary education or a Luxembourgish technicians diploma or a diploma recognized as equivalent by the Minister of Education, National Education and Vocational Training. Moreover you should have successfully completed one year of postsecondary education (higher education or university).
  • Have good knowledge of the country's three administrative languages (German, French and Luxembourgish).
  • The commitment is for a period of 12 months.


The allowance is paid by the Employment Fund (Fonds pour l’emploi).

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