In order to choose your professional career path, you should know your interests, abilities, but also your personal strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to the services offered by the various structures dedicated to career guidance, many tools are at your disposal allowing you to evaluate yourself.

3 particularly fast and useful tools are highlighted here:

Bic (BerufsinformationsComputer) :

In addition to offering information about more than 1,500 jobs, this site offers you the possibility to define which profession corresponds to you according to your interests.

The target Berufskompass proposes an online test (which takes 20 minutes), consisting of 80 questions and leading to a list of profession proposals as well as other criteria important to the choice of your career.

Eportfolio, available on the ANELO portal, offers you its "self-assessment" tool which will help you, through tests, to determine your personal skills, interests and strengths. A personal space where you can manage your data, diplomas and certificates, it will also offer you the possibility to generate a model of CV and cover letter according to your background.

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