Cross-border workers

In the event of involuntary loss of employment in Luxembourg, cross-border workers may, under certain conditions, receive unemployment benefits in their country of residence

They can also register with the ADEM to seek a new job in Luxembourg.

Important : Any unemployment benefits will be paid by the appropriate body in the country of residence, not by the ADEM, even if the unemployed person is also registered with the ADEM.

Who is concerned 

The term 'cross-border worker' refers to any worker who performs their professional activity in one Member State and resides in another Member State to which they return, in principle, each day or at least once a week. 

How to proceed 

Cross-border workers who were previously employed in Luxembourg and find  themselves unemployed cannot receive unemployment benefits in Luxembourg. They must contact the appropriate authorities in their country of residence - i.e.: 

  • in Germany: Bundesagentur für Arbeit
  • in Belgium: ONEM
  • in France: Pôle Emploi

To receive unemployment benefits in your country of residence, you must:

  • Have your last employer in Luxembourg complete the form "Attestation of employment - termination of employment relationships";
  • Submit the completed attestation to the ADEM, which will fill in and send an U1 form (based on the 'attestation of employment') to the appropriate institution of the cross-border worker's country of residence;
  • Refer to the appropriate institution of your country of residence, namely:
    in Germany: Agentur für Arbeit
    in Belgium: Le Forem
    in France: Pôle emploi

 It is possible to carry out your actions online via the platform My Guichet.

Amount and duration of benefit 

The conditions for the granting of unemployment benefits are determined by the national law of your country of residence.

Rights and obligations

Cross-border workers who wish to do so may also register with ADEM. By registering with ADEM, you will be assisted and supported in your job search by experienced ADEM counsellors. Jobseekers sign a collaboration agreement with ADEM stating the rights and obligations of each party.

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