As a resident, if you lose your job in Luxembourg for reasons beyond your control, you can, under certain conditions, receive a financial compensation for the failure of your main source of income.

Persons concerned

Subject to fulfilling the conditions for admission to unemployment benefit, persons eligible for unemployment benefit are:

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Preliminary conditions

To qualify for unemployment benefit you must:

  • be involuntaraly unemployed (meaning reasons beyond your control: this excludes contract terminations by mutual agreement, unjustified absenteeism and dismissal for serious misconduct);
  • be a resident in Luxembourg at the time of the notification of the dismissal,
    • in case of a permanent contract;
    • during the last 6 months before the end of a fixed-term contract;
  • be at least 16 years old but no older than 64 years;
  • be fit to work, available and ready to accept any appropriate job;
  • be registered as a job seeker with ADEM and apply for full unemployment benefit;
  • have been employed by one or more employment contracts for at least 26 weeks (for at least 16 hours per week) during the 12 months (or possibly more according to case) prior to your registration as a job seeker with ADEM.


After registering as a job seeker, go as soon as possible (within 2 weeks maximum) to the Unemployment Benefits Department at ADEM, with your letter of dismissal and / or your employment contract together with copies of your last six pay slips.

The officer in charge will give you several forms to complete:

an application for unemployment benefit, a declaration of income and an employer's certificate (to be filled in by your former employer). Once all of these items have been collected, the officer in charge will process your application and manage your file.

Duration of compensation

Any unemployed person who meets the criteria for eligibility may be paid according to the working time (calculated in whole months) during the reference period.
Such a compensation may not exceed 12 months. However, it is possible to obtain an extension under certain circumstances:

Age of job seeker Condition Duration extended term
16 => 49 years 30% disability 6 months
> 50 years 15% disability months
> 55 years unconditional months
16=>64 years in an assignment months
> 50 years 20 years of social security affiliation months
> 50 years 25 years of social security affiliation months
> 50 years 30 years of social security affiliation 12 months

Amount of benefits

Unemployment benefits amount to 80% of your gross wage earned during the last 3 months preceding your unemployment with a maximum of 2.5 times the minimum social wage. This ceiling will be reduced as compensation continues.

When does the unemployment benefit ceases?

Your right to unemployment benefit ends:

  • when the limit for the duration of the payment has been reached;
  • when one or more conditions of grant are no longer met;
  • when you are over 65;
  • in case of unjustified refusal of an appropriate job offer;
  • in case of unjustified refusal to participate in internships, courses or works of public utility, assigned by ADEM;
  • if you do not make enough efforts to activelylook for suitable employment.

Rights and obligations

To benefit from these services, you will have to:

  • present yourself on the days and times indicated by your advisor or present yourself at least once a month if no appointment is planned,
  • notify your advisor immediately if your situation changes.

Otherwise, penalties ranging from 7 days of removal from the list of beneficiaries of unemployment benefit may be applied.

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