Applying for unemployment benefit as an employee


In order to be entitled to the full unemployment benefit, the unemployed person must:

  • be unemployed against their will (which excludes termination of an employment contract by mutual consent, leaving a job without a valid reason, resignation and dismissal for serious misconduct);
  • be a resident in Luxembourg:
    • at the time of notification of dismissal while on a permanent employment contract;
    • at most 6 months prior to the end of the contract while on a fixed-term contract;
  • be aged between 16 and 64;
  • be fit to work, available for the labour market and ready to accept any appropriate job (according to criteria of pay, physical and mental fitness, working conditions, etcd);
  • be registered as a jobseeker with ADEM and file an application for full unemployment benefit;
  • have held one or more employment contracts for at least 26 weeks (with at least 16 hours per week) over the 12 months prior to registering with the ADEM as a jobseeker.

How to proceed

Following your registration as a jobseeker, ADEM's unemployment benefits department will contact you by post within 8 days and send you several forms to fill in:

  • an application for unemployment benefit
  • a declaration of income and
  • an employer's certificate (to be filled in by your last employer). 

If you have not received the forms within one week, please contact ADEM's unemployment benefits department by telephone on 247-88888, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Once all documents have been returned to ADEM, the ADEM counsellor in charge will examine the application for unemployment benefits and will continue to manage your case.

Duration of benefit entitlement

In principle, the duration of the entitlement of the payment of unemployment benefits is equal to the duration of work, in whole months, during the period taken as reference for the calculation. 

Example: if you have worked for 8 months during the 12 months preceding your registration with ADEM, you will receive compensation for 8 months.

The maximum period of unemployment benefit entitlement is 12 months. In certain cases, though, it is possible to obtain an extension:

Age of jobseeker Condition Duration extended term
16 => 49 years 30% disability 6 months
> 50 years 15% disability 6 months
> 55 years unconditional 6 months
16=>64 years assigned to a training or employment measur 6 months
> 50 years 20 years of social security affiliation 6 months
> 50 years 25 years of social security affiliation 9 months
> 50 years 30 years of social security affiliation 12 months


Amount of benefits

The amount of the full unemployment benefits corresponds to 80% of your gross salary earned during the last 3 months preceding your unemployment. Unemployment benefits are capped and can not be higher than 2.5 times the social minimum wage. The cap is lowered as the benefit continues to be paid out over time. 

 Under certain conditions, the 3-months period can be extended to 6 months and the rate may be 85% if you have one or more dependent children.

When does the unemployment benefit cease?

Compensation is no longer paid:

  • when the set limits for the duration of the payment are reached;
  • when one or more conditions for granting the benefit are no longer fulfilled; 
  • when you pass the age limit of 65;
  • if the recipient turns down an appropriate job offer without a legitimate reason;
  • if the recipient refuses to take part in internships, training courses or public service works assigned by the ADEM without a legitimate reason; 
  • if the unemployed person makes no or too little effort to actively seek an appropriate job.


Recipients of full unemployment benefits must respect certain obligations. 

  • Present yourself on the days and times indicated by your ADEM consellor or present yourself at least once a month if no appointment is planned,
  • Notify your ADEM counsellor immediately  on any change of your situation.

Otherwise, sanctions ranging from 7 days of loss of benefits to 30 days in case of recidivism, up to the permanent suspension of unemployment benefits can be applied.



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