Applying for the severely disabled allowance

Persons concerned

Any person with a severe disability who no longer carries out a professional activity.


To be able to benefit from severely disabled allowance, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • exhibit at least 30 % reduction in capacity for work because of physical, mental, sensory or psychological deficiency; and /or because  of psychosocial difficulties aggravating the deficiency (diagnosed before the age of 65);
  • be completely unable to work due to your state of health;
  • be resident in Luxembourg (and actually live here);
  • have an income below the limits set by law.


1) Contact the Secretary of the Medical Commission (Commission médicale) of the ADEM  to obtain the corresponding form and get information on the application procedure.

2) Send the completed form and supporting documents (see below) to the Medical Commission.

3) The National Solidarity Fund (Fonds national de solidarité FNS) will examine whether the conditions relative to age, residence and income are being met and will notify you by registered letter of its decision and will take care of the implementation procedures.

4) If the application file is accepted, the severely disabled allowance will be paid from the date of transmission of your application file by ADEM to the FNS.

Supporting documents:

  • a recent and detailed medical report by your primary physician, as well as reports from specialized physicians;
  • a detailed medical check-up by ADEM's occupational health practitioner indicating the causes and the degree of reduction of the incapacity for work;
  • a birth certificate or equivalent proof of your age;
  • documents certifying the status of legal representation if you need to be represented in your legal actions;
  • a certificate of residence dating from less than three months issued by your Luxembourg municipality and establishing that you are domiciled there and actually reside there;
  • if you are a citizen of an EU Member State or of a country treated as such (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland): evidence of a residence permit valid for the duration of more than three months, both for you as well as for family members;
  • if you are a third-country national: proof of evidence that you have been legally residing in Luxembourg during the five-year period being considered.



The gross amount of the severely disabled allowance is equal to the Social Inclusion Income (revenu d'inclusion sociale - REVIS).



The duration of this benefit is unlimited.
You are required to declare immediately to the National Solidarity Fund (Fonds national de solidarité - FNS) any changes in your situation that could affect your rights to this benefit.
The FNS will regularly assess whether the conditions for granting the allowance continue to be met. If that is not the case, the entitlement to the allowance will be withdrawn.

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