Why declare a vacancy?

By declaring a job vacancy you enable ADEM to support you in your recruitment process. ADEM has set up a team of employer consellors specialised in different sectors of activity (industry, building, finance, crafts, trade, Horeca, IT, temporary work). They will offer you a customised service for your recruitments and help you identify the right candidate.

Pre-selection of candidates

For the pre-selection of candidates, ADEM uses a powerful computer tool to match job offers and applications. The ROME system is used to carry out multicriteria searches (competences, availability, mobility, languages, etc.) in order to identify the candidates who correspond to or are as close as possible to the profile searched for. After a double-check with the responsable counsellor of ADEM's employer service, suitable candidates are invited to submit their application to the recruiting company.

As employer, you are regularly informed about all candidates who will submit their job applications. If no candidate meets your expectations, ADEM will resume the search at a later date or will review with the employer the profile looked for.

Recruitment assistance

To support you in your recruitment, ADEM proposes to:

  • organise recruitment workshops to assess the qualifications of shortlisted candidates for a specific position;
  • offer 'tailor-made' training and prepare future recruits to quickly integrate into their workplaces and jobs;
  • provide solutions to recruit and train your apprentices to meet requirements in the best possible way;
  • cover training costs of people you recruit so that they fully fit your needs and are operational as soon as they start work.

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