Employment reintegration contract (CRE)

In order to help the most vulnerable populations find employment, i.e. jobseekers aged 45 or over, employees with reduced work capacity and disabled workers, the National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l'emploi – ADEM) can, under certain circumstances, propose that an employment reintegration contract is entered into with an employer.

This contract, which alternates practical training with theoretical training, allows for:

  • employers to pass on their experience and give real job prospects to older jobseekers or employees with disabilities or reduced work capacity.
  • jobseekers to demonstrate their skills in a concrete way, while at the same time acquiring new skills.

Who is concerned?

The employment reintegration contract is concluded between the National Employment Agency, the jobseeker and the employer.

The contract can be offered to jobseekers who are:

  • at least 45 years old;
  • or currently in an external professional redeployment programme;
  • or who have the disabled worker status.


In order to benefit from an employment reintegration contract, jobseekers must have been registered with ADEM for at least one month.

Employers who intend to conclude an employment reintegration contract with a jobseeker must be in a position to offer  real job prospects at the end of the contract.

How to proceed

Employers wishing to conclude such a contract with a jobseeker must contact ADEM's Employers services and submit a declaration of vacant position.

Contract Conditions


The employment reintegration contract is concluded for a duration of 12 months.

If the contract is signed following professional training internship, the duration of the training internship is taken into account in the 12-month contract.

If the employer or the job seeker wants to terminate the contract before its contractual end, the initiating party must submit a written and fully reasoned request to the ADEM and first obtain their approval before the contract can be terminated.


The employer appoints a mentor who is responsible for assisting and guiding the job seeker throughout the employment reintegration contract. In the first month following the signing of the contract, the company, the mentor and the job seeker prepare a training plan, one copy of which must be sent to the ADEM's Employer services.


During the contract, the jobseeker is entitled to 2 days of leave per month.

Working time

Jobseekers who are involved in night work, overtime, working on public holidays and Sunday work are subject to the applicable legal regulations, just like any other employee in the company.

Fincancal considerations

Jobseekers who do not receive unemployment benefit receive an allowance equal to the social minimum wage for unskilled workers.

ADEM pays the monthly allowance to the jobseeker. The allowance is subject to the payroll tax and social security charges, the employer's share being paid by the Employment Fund.

On the basis of an invoice drawn up by ADEM, the employer will pay each month a share corresponding to 50% of the minimum social wage for unskilled employees to ADEM. This share is reduced to 35% of the minimum social wage for unskilled employees in case of employment of job seekers of the under-represented sex.

The employer may also pay the job seeker a performance bonus if they wish. Such bonuses form an integral part of the job seeker's allowance and, as such, are liable for tax.


End of the contract

At the end of the reintegration-employment contract, the employer must inform ADEM, in writing, of the jobseeker's integration into the company.


Hiring the jobseeker

If the jobseeker is hired at the end of the reintegration-employment contract, the duration of the latter, plus that of any professional training internship, is considered as a trial period. The employer might be able to apply for financial assistance for hiring unemployed older and/or disabled workers.


Not hiring the jobseeker

If the jobseeker is not hired at the end of the reintegration-employment contract, the employer must provide ADEM with a document indicating the skills acquired during the reintegration-employment contract, as well as any deficiencies noted.

Any employer who, within 3 months after the end of the reintegration-employment contract, wishes to recruit staff, will be obliged to hire as a priority the former beneficiary of a reintegration-employment contract, provided that the candidate meets the required qualifications and profile.

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