Vedran Mutić

Freelance musician/teacher

Vedran Mutić, 35 ans

You have just recently created and launched your own company. What was your background before?

I joined my wife (EC employee) in Luxembourg over two years ago. Due to my language incompatibility I could not be employed by practically any school in Luxembourg. Luckily, musicians only need to play good, the languages are secondary. Along with that I realized there are still opportunities for me as a private tutor, so I needed a formal framework for my income as a musician and music teacher.

What made you want to join this program?

After some months of waiting for anything to come up at ADEM, I became restless and wanted to take matters into my own hands. I asked who could explain to me what needs to be done juristically, tax-wise etc. in order to run my own business. Luckily I was pointed towards F4E.

Fit4entrepreneurship, what did it consist of ?

A series of workshops and trainings, one-on-one sessions with a mentor, modelling one’s project in Compelio.

What did you retain from this training ?

Along with practical information about legal side of the business – believe in yourself, and try everything you can think of.

When did you start?

I formally began on February 15th 2016.

Describe in a few words your new activity?

My income consists of getting paid for teaching the music instrument and performing music live (solo or with ensemble).

Did Fit4entrepreneurship help you get it?

Definitely, I have no idea how I would get the information I needed otherwise.

What is your objective?

If I can provide for my family by doing what I love, it’s enough for me.


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