Cross-border apprenticeship

What is a cross-border apprenticeship?

In the cross-border apprenticeship scheme, the practical component is carried out in a training company located in Luxembourg. The school-based training is provided by a school in a neighbouring country.

Cross-border apprenticeship are possible for all trades and professions defined by the Grand-Ducal regulation.

Prerequisites and application process

Cross-border training is possible, on condition of obtaining prior authorisation from the Minister (ADEM's Vocational Guidance Department and the relevant professional chambers act as advisors for the Minister).


The apprentice must send a written and motivated request to the vocational training department of the Ministry of Education, Children and and Youth (MENEJ) specifically stating:

  • their surname, first name and home address;
  • the surname, first name, occupation and address of the apprenticeship provider in the case of a natural person;
  • the name and address of the registered office in the case of a legal person (company, non-profit organization);
  • the name and address of the educational establishment where the school-based training will take place;
  • the name of the trade/profession concerned by the apprenticeship, as well as the training programme;
  • a copy of the school reports for the last school class attended prior to the beginning of the apprenticeship


The apprenticeship contract must be registered with the relevant employers' professional chamber in Luxembourg, or with the Ministry in the case of trades or professions that are not covered by an employers' professional chamber. The apprentice must provide a copy to the establishment responsible for their theoretical training, as well as to the competent authority for the training abroad.

With respect to the practical component in Luxembourg, the minimum applicable apprenticeship allowances are those provided for in Luxembourg.

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