How to register as a jobseeker?


To register as a jobseeker, it is not necessary to visit one of the ADEM agencies in person.

There are two ways to register as a jobseeker:

1.Online registration (via

Inscription en ligne (via la plateforme

On the online platform, jobseekers are guided step by step through the registration process. They have the option of uploading the required documents directly and providing information about themselves and the job they are seeking. Missing documents can be submitted online on the platform.

Once all the documents have been submitted, the registration with ADEM is complete and the jobseeker will receive a letter inviting them to an interview with their future ADEM counsellor. Along with the letter, they will receive various documents to complete as well as other useful information that will be helpful for the jobsearch.

Please note!

  • Authentication (e.g. LuxTrust) is required for the online registration via the platform.

  • If you have a problem related to the Luxtrust certificate or your connection to, or if you have a question when carrying out your administrative steps, please contact the helpdesk by phone (+352-247 82000) or use its online form.

  • people who register at ADEM to claim the Social Inclusion Income (REVIS) are reminded to not use the online procedure, but to come to the appointment to which the National Solidarity Fund (FNS) will invite them.

2. Registration by phone

Inscription par téléphone

For the registration by phone it is necessary to make an appointment. To do this, please  

  • fill in the online form (available in 3 languages: FR, DE, EN)
  • for any addidtional questions, please contact ADEM’s Contact Centre: tel. (+352) 247 88 888

You will then receive an appointment for registration by telephone. The documents required for the registration must be submitted by e-mail (or by post). Once all the documents and information have been submitted, the registration with ADEM is completed and you will be invited to an interview with your future ADEM counsellor, who will assist you in your job-search.

By postal mail, you will receive various documents to complete as well as other useful information that will be helpful for the jobsearch.



Good to know

  • Please have your national social security number ("matricule") ready when you call the ADEM’s Contact Centre. Make sure that your official documents (identity card, passport, social security card, residence permit,...) are still valid.

  • The sooner you register as a jobseeker, the sooner you can take advantage of ADEM's support services. For example, you can register as a jobseeker before your temporary employment contract or the notice period expire in order to gain valuable time in your job search.

  • It is advantageous to submit as many documents as possible proving your professional training, further education or work experience.

  • It is important that your CV is up to date (work experience, professional training, professional and language skills, ...). If you have any questions on how to write your CV, you can consult our guide "How to draft your Curriculum vitae (CV)". You should also consider which profession or occupation best suits your interests and level of education.

  • After you have registered as a jobseeker with ADEM, you can submit your demand for unemployment benefit, provided that you meet the requirements.

I cannot keep my appointment with ADEM - what do I have to do?

If you have to cancel your appointment with ADEM at short notice for an important reason, please call ADEM’s Contact Centre immediately.

The telephone number is: (+352) 247 88 888



To communicate with ADEM, it is necessary that you speak at least one of the administrative languages of Luxembourg (Luxembourgish, French, German) or English. If this is not the case, someone who understands and speaks one of these languages should accompany the jobseeker.

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