Who can register?

Any person, who fulfills the conditions for exercising a professional activity in Luxembourg and who is available for a job can register as a job seeker.

A person can register as a job seeker following:

  • dismissal;
  • termination of a working relationship for various reasons (end of a fixed-term employment contract, resignation, termination of an employment contract, etc.);
  • termination of the business or bankruptcy of a self-employed worker;
  • completion of studies in the case of young people.

Good to know

Someone, who already has a job, but is looking for a new professional challenge can also register with ADEM.

Individuals in employment as well as third-country nationals legally residing in Luxembourg and having free access to the Luxembourgish labor market (beneficiaries of international protection, beneficiaries of temporary protection, family members as well as researchers and students, who have successfully completed their research activities or the final year of their higher education studies and have a residence permit for the purposes of finding a job or setting up a business, can also register with ADEM.

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