Your rights and obligations

Your rights

Your registration as a jobseeker provides you with access to all the services and support offered by ADEM :

  • individual follow-up by a referent advisor to assist you in your job search;
  • access to the JobBoard to browse job vacancies and submit your applications;
  • participation in employment measures and training depending on your profile;
  • access to grants according to your profile;
  • availability of computers and assistance with the preparation of CVs through the Employment Club.

Your obligations

By registering as a jobseeker with ADEM, you have formally expressed your willingness to actively seek for jobs. This results in a number of obligations which ADEM asks you to respect. You should:

  • on your own initiative and on an ongoing basis, take active steps to find a job: replying to job advertisements, sending unsolicited applications, seeking jobs on the JobBoard, uploading your CV on the JobBoard, etc.);
  • submit an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) to your advisor;
  • follow the steps indicated by your referent advisor and, if necessary, comply with the action plan set up with him/her;
  • follow up on the assignments sent by the ADEM;
  • appear in person at regular intervals defined by the ADEM, to your referent advisor and to any invitation given, respecting the locations, dates and times indicated. In case of hindrance, please contact the ADEM in advance to inform us of any absence, which must be justified by valid reasons. If it is impossible for you to contact ADEM in advance, you must justify your absence as soon as possible.
  • being available for the job market means that you should be easily attainable by the services of the ADEM and by potential employers.  

You are required to:

  • inform the ADEM of any change in status that may have an impact on your availability to the job market (for example: a relocation, a change of e-mail address or telephone number, the resumption of an activity, even partial or temporary, a state of illness or sickness leave, attending training courses, exercising a corporate mandate, etc.).
  • to present yourself personally to the ADEM without a formal invitation, on the first working day following the end of a temporary activity or illness certificate in order to confirm your availability to the job market.
  • accept any appropriate employment. The criteria for appropriate employment are defined by Grand-Ducal regulation. The main provisions are also included in the collaboration agreement you signed with ADEM.

Good to know : As a job seeker, you are entitled to a maximum of 25 working days' vacation leave per year. During the leave, you are exempt from your commitments to ADEM. The leave must be requested from your consultant and granted in advance.

Attention :

Do you have an appointment with your referent advisor and are you sick or unable to attend?

Please notify your referent advisor in advance by e-mail or call the Contact Center (247-88 888).

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