Financial aid to promote initial apprenticeships

An employer who hires an apprentice under an apprenticeship contract (apprentissage initial) may benefit from a partial reimbursement of the apprenticeship wage and the employer's share of social security contributions.


This aid is available to all companies established in Luxembourg that employ an apprentice on the basis of an apprenticeship contract.

Terms & Conditions

  • The company must be established in Luxembourg and be authorised to train apprentices.
  • The trade or profession must figure in the Grand-ducal regulation that determines all the professions and trades recognised for apprenticeship training.


  • Under the apprenticeship contracts leading to a diploma of professional competence (diplôme d’aptitude professionnelle - DAP) and the technician diploma (diplôme de technicien - DT), the training company receives an aid amounting to 27% of the apprenticeship allowance.
  • Under a contract leading to the Certificate of Professional Ability (certificat de capacité professionnelle - CCP), the aid amounts to 40% of the apprenticeship allowance.
  • The training company shall also be reimbursed the employer's share of the social security contributions relative to the paid apprenticeship allowance.
  • Aids are awarded on an annual basis per apprenticeship (school year, from September to August of the following year).


Contact ADEM’s Professional Guidance Service.

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