The « Jobelo » programme

The "Jobelo" programme is aimed at people aged 18 to 29, without qualifications, registered with ADEM.

The programme starts with a two-months training at the COSP, whose mission is to assess the social and professional skills of young jobseekers and to guide them in their professional project. After the training at the COSP, the young person starts a "professional initiation experience" (EIP) in company. During this period, the employer has the opportunity to get to know the young person before hiring him/her under an Employment Support Contract (CAE) for private companies.


  • The contract will be concluded between ADEM and the young person.
  • A training plan has to be developed by the employer (simple procedure).
  • Possibility for the young to take refresher courses.
  • Allowance paid to the young:  minimum social wage for unqualified workers (SSM).
  • Contract duration: 12 months with a maximum prolongation of 6 months (40 hours / week).

Financial support for employers

The Luxembourg Employment Fund reimburses to employers:

  • 75%  of the allowance paid during the 12 months of the employment contract and 50% during a possible prolongation of the employment contract (maximum months);
  • 100% des charges patronales.

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