Support for vocational training

Persons concerned

Any job seeker, whether receiving allowances or not, wishing to undergo vocational training may receive, under certain conditions, vocational training assistance, the costs of which are covered by ADEM.


Before the training begins, the job seeker must submit to their ADEM advisor a complete file including:

  • a reasoned request containing the presentation of the professional project;
  • a full CV;
  • the name of the training institute, together with a proof of the choice of this institute;
  • a detailed training program;
  • the period of training (stating the start date and the end date) ;
  • the cost of training, all taxes included;
  • where appropriate, information on the diploma / certificate attesting the vocational training.

A record will be forwarded for formal approval to the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy. It will comprise:

  • a detailed advice drawn up by the referring advisor in charge of the job seeker's record and
  • a detailed opinion from the Minister in charge of vocational training.

 Important ! The job seeker will have to pay the total cost of the training in advance.


At the end of the vocational training course and in case of a positive approval, the job seeker may submit an application for reimbursement, containing the following supporting documents:

  • a proof of payment for vocational training;
  • a course attendance established by the training institute;
  • a certified copy of the diploma or final certificate;
  • the job seekers' bank account number;
  • a declaration on the honor of the job seeker that he / she does not benefit from other public financial support for the same vocational training;
  • a copy of the ministerial approval of professional training.

Refunds and duration

After receipt and verification of documents by ADEM, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy may proceed to the reimbursement of:

  • 75% of the costs of vocational training, capped at the monthly minimum wage for unskilled workers;
  • the remaining 25% may be reimbursed if the applicant succeeds in obtaining a job and submitting an employment contract no later than 3 months after the end of the vocational training;
  • the duration of the reimbursement may not exceed twelve months unless the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy takes a decision regarding a possible extension.

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