Compensatory allowance

Internal professional redeployment

In case the internal professional redeployment involves a reduction in remuneration, the employee under employment contract is entitled to a compensatory allowance representing the difference between the old and the new remuneration


External professional redeployment

In case of external professional redeployment, the employee who has found a new job is entitled to the compensatory allowance, provided that he/she has been assigned by ADEM.

You can find more information under the heading "Professional redeployment".


The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Copy of the old employment contract in force before the professional reclassification
  • Copy of the new employment contract or the amendment to the old employment contract
  • Copy of the declaration of fitness for the new job issued by the competent occupational physician (medical check-up after the decision of professional redeployment)
  • Bank statement (RIB)

Additional document for persons in external professional redeployment:

  • Copy of the last salary slip from the last employer

Additional document for persons in internal professional redeployment who have changed their position:

  • Copy of the collective agreement to which the company is attached or, if applicable, the salary grit of the company.


Please note! Your application (form) must be submitted within 6 months of the start of your new employment contract or the amendment of your old work contract, even if you do not have all the required documents at hand!

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