Professional transition allowance


Any person benefiting from the status of a person undergoing professional deployment who has reached the end of his or her unemployment benefit entitlement (including extension) and who can demonstrate :

-        at least 5 years' aptitude for the last job before redeployment


-        at least 5 years of service in the company which was the subject of the external professional redeployment.

may benefit form the professional transition allowance.

The periods of professional activity carried out under the status of a person undergoing professional redeployment  are taken into account for the calculation of aptitude.

The professional transition allowance is :

  • capped at 1.5 times the social minimum wage
  • subject to social security contributions and taxes
  • granted, withdrawn and paid by ADEM ;
  • half payable by the Employment Fund and half payable by the competent pension body.

It corresponds to 80% of the average monthly income subject to pension insurance contributions during the twelve calendar months preceding the decision to reclassify the person's job, or, where applicable, preceding the invalidity or award of a full pension.


Please note!

  • The application for compensation must be submitted within six months of the end of the unemployment benefit, otherwise it will be barred.
  • Recipients of the professional transition allowance who, without good reason, do not attend the apointments with ADEM on the days and at the times set for them will lose their entitlement to the professional transition allowance for seven days and, in the event of a repeat offence, for thirty days, by decision of the ADEM. Failure to attend three consecutive appointments will result in the definitive termination of the professional transition allowance by ADEM and the withdrawal of the status of person undergoing professional redeployment by decision of the Joint Committee (Commission Mixte).





The application form for the professional transition allowance can be requested by phone or e-mail from ADEM’s service for workers with disabilities or reduced work capacity.

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