Compensated temporary occupation (OTI)

Under certain conditions, a jobseeker receiving unemployment benefits can be assigned to an employer in the public sector (promoter).


This aid is accessible to the State, municipalities, municipal associations, public institutions, and foundations, as well as private companies affected by a plan to maintain employment.

The system concerns:

  • Jobseekers receiving an allowance;
  • Employees affected by a plan to maintain employment.

Terms & Conditions

An OTI is granted for a maximum of 6 months, including extension.

For a job-seeker over the age of 50, the extension application procedure is different. ADEM’s director can extend the OTI for 12 months but the file will be reconsidered two months before the end of this extension. The unemployment benefit plus a supplementary allowance may not exceed the minimum social wage.

Over a twelve-month period, the promoter can only benefit from one OTI for the same position.


The Employment Fund pays unemployment benefit. Therefore, the employer does not pay the employee a salary. The latter continues to receive his full unemployment benefit, plus an additional allowance.

All supplements (night work, overtime, work holidays, ...) are at the responsibility of the promoter and are not considered as sidelines within the meaning of the provisions of Article L. 521-18 of the Labor Code

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