Status of a person on professional redeployment

Any person benefiting from an external professional redeployment decision taken on the basis of a referral to the Joint Committee by the Social Security Medical Board after 1 January 2016 is granted the status of a person on external redeployment.

When the Joint Committee redeploys you externally on the job market, you are automatically registered as a jobseeker at the National Employment Agency (ADEM), effective from the day after the notification of the Joint Committee's decision.

To maintain your status, you must remain registered as a jobseeker with the ADEM and remain available for the job market.

If you accept a new job, your status provides the guaranty that your rights resulting from the decision related to your external professional rehabilitation will be maintained until you have recovered the necessary work capacity to perform the tasks corresponding to your last job. 

If you lose your new job for a reason beyond your control, you will preserve your status if you register with the ADEM within 20 days of the end of the contract.

The status holder may be assigned to public service works on behalf of the State, local authorities, communal associations, public institutions and foundations.

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