Being on external redeployment

Persons concerned

Anyone who has not yet found a job, following an external redeployment decision, and who is still registered as a jobseeker with ADEM.


  1. Your employment contract ceases on the day of the notification of the external redeployment decision. You are automatically registered as a jobseeker with ADEM and you will receive a notification letter that grants you the status of person in external redeployment.
  2. Present yourself to ADEM with this notification letter, in order to maintain / finalise your registration as a jobseeker and to submit your application for unemployment benefits.

Other financial benefits in case of external redeployment

Compensatory benefit

When the worker on external professional redeployment takes up a new job with a lower salary than they earned from their previous employer, they are entitled to a compensatory benefit, equal to the difference between those two salaries, provided:

  • they have been assigned to the new job by the ADEM;
  • they have been declared fit for the new job following the pre-hire medical examination;
  • their working time is equal to at least half that provided for by the contract in force before the initial decision to redeploy them. The required working time may be attained combining several job.

Occupational 'tideover' benefit

If, at the end of the legal duration of payment of unemployment benefit, including the extended period, the externally redeployment worker has not found a new job, under certain circumstances, they may receive an occupational 'tideover', subject to decision by the Joint Committee.

As long as the professional waiting benefit is being paid, the externally redeployed worker must remain registered as a job seeker with the ADEM, and be available to the job market.

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